Tucked away in the southern most corner of the Indian Ocean is a speck of land. A land, that lay undiscovered by our explorers for a long, long time. A land that evolved very differently from the rest of our world. A land where rare breeds of animals, plants, and of course humans have evolved, unaware of our presence. A land called Mapoosa!

It was not until one Mr. Pai, the lone survivor of a ship-wreck, washed ashore this island that our world got to know about Mapoosa.  And what a discovery it was!

On Mr. Pai’s return to his homeland, he published stories and photos of Mapoosa which got people from around the world interested in travelling to this mysterious and enchanting land. Mapoosa is now a hot tourist destination, and it even offers citizenship to anyone interested.

Mapoosa evolved very differently from our world. The people are extremely friendly, well-natured, and polite. The place has an old-world charm, and is not well organized. Mapoosa is ruled by King Ragda Patis, and the wise sage Jadooga (who still rides a magic carpet) acts as his advisor. The currency of Mapoosa is ‘Pooso’.

So what can one do in Mapoosa?

Live it up!

When you create an account in Mapoosa, you get your own Mapoosan Avatar! You can buy costumes to dress up your Avatar in your own unique styles.

You get to own a home, choose the ideal location for your home, decorate your home and do tons of fun stuff there!


Well, for starters, you could explore the land, and get familiar with its rugged terrain.

Meet fun characters, make friends and chat with them:

You could meet visitors from all over the world, chat with them, and befriend them. You could meet fun characters in Mapoosa and interact with them. If you are lucky, you could even get to meet King Ragda Patis. Here are a few characters you could watch out for:

Jadooga, the sage: The wise old man will be there to guide you around Mapoosa. He will even let you use his magic carpet to get you somewhere quickly.

Detective Dooga: The man heading Mapoosa Police. A bit absent minded, but manages to solve all his cases. Well, most of them.

Jotishi, the fortune teller: He can tell what the future has in store for you. Get to know your future before it happens – meet him every day!

King Ragda Patis and Queen Jagda Patis: The royal family. Only a privileged few get a chance to meet them.

Play Games and compete with friends

While you explore the land, watch out for objects and animals around you. Some of them may open up games that you could play. Try to out-score your friends, and your name would feature in the Mapoosa Hall of Fame!

Earn Poosos – The Mapoosa currency, Badges and collect items

Play games and score well to earn badges and Poosos. Some of these badges could unlock additional items that you could use to decorate your home.

All this, and a lot more coming soon!

So get ready for an adventure of a life time. Are you game?