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Mapoosa is an online social virtual world where children learn Maths, Science and Life skills through games and fun. It is a school on the internet - your child can socialize, learn, play and compete with other children from around the world. Mapoosa makes learning effective by reducing the pressures associated it.
Mapoosa is ideal for children in grades 2 through 8.

A paid membership lets your child access premium features and gives you, the parent, complete insight into your child’s performance. Know more about Membership.

We thank you for choosing Mapoosa for your child, and would like your feedback to improve it.

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Mapoosa Explained

Mapoosa – Real entertainment, Deep learning!

An average child today spends a significant amount of time on the web – playing games. What if we, as parents, could use this time and means to effectively extend their learning time? This is the philosophy behind Mapoosa. Mapoosa is a social world where children learn through play, and parents have complete control and visibility into a child’s activities and progress

Mapoosa is an online school of sorts – It is ‘Virtual World’ where concepts taught in schools are ‘taught’ and reinforced through exploration, experience, games and a lot of fun. Children get to create their own avatar, meet other children from various parts of the world in a very safe environment, learn from each other and healthily compete to achieve various learning goals without the pressures associated with the traditional learning mechanisms.

Mapoosa is presented to children as a long-lost island which, until recently, was not discovered by explorers. Hence, Mapoosa evolved and developed very differently from the rest of the world. Mapoosa has an old world charm, is inhabited by good natured people, and the daily life in Mapoosa can be described as simply as “controlled chaos” – which enhances the fun element.

Children can literally lead a life in Mapoosa. They get to earn “Poosos” – the Mapoosa currency, get a home of their own, collect items for their home, take up professions and raise pets (to be released soon). To achieve the learning goals, they need to crack challenges (presented as games) and try to beat their opponents’ scores. They could also interact with other ‘Mapoosans’ (other children from around the world) through safe chats and actions.

The island has various “arenas” that simulate real world – towns, villages, a forest, a bird sanctuary, a space station are among the various arenas they could explore. Each of these arenas contains games designed to teach.

Mapoosa also features some lovable characters that guide the children through various tasks and challenges. Detective Dooga – the Mapoosa police chief, King Ragda Patis and Queen Jagda Patis, wise sage Jadooga are all characters that your child will love.

The curriculum

We follow our patent pending “CoBELS” (short for Competency Based Experiential Learning Solution) framework for designing the curriculum. The key features of this framework are:

  • Mapped to school curriculum: The activities are designed based on one of the best education curriculums in the world – one prescribed by NCERT of India.
  • Highly interactive, game based: Makes a child want to play (and learn) more
  • Actionable learning from each game: Every game has a set of competencies (actionable learning outcomes) a child will acquire.
  • Voice guided: Voice-overs (Currently in English, but soon to be available in other languages as well) to guide a child through the games
  • Scoring, Feedback: The games allow for experimentation and mistakes. The child gets instant feedback about his/her progress and could choose alternate paths.

Sample these learning games

Play these games to understand the kind of learning that your child will experience on Mapoosa. These games are based on the topic of Animals (Environmental Studies - Grades 3 and 4). See our entire curriculum here : http://www.mapoosa.com/GameList/

Grade 3 - Introduction to the Animal World
Grade 3 - Currency, decimal system and mental arithmetic for currency usage.
Grade 4 - Identify fractions other than half, one fourth and three- fourths of a whole


Mapoosa is free for every child to have an avatar, own a home, play some games and explore the land. But accessing premium features will require a paid membership.

The membership fee is nominal, gives your child and you a host of very useful features and lets us keep developing and improving Mapoosa. Apart from the premium features that your child will gain access to, you - the parent – will get complete access to the “Parent Dashboard” that enables you to gain comprehensive insights into your child’s performance. Get a membership today!.


Design philosophy: We are huge fans of cartoonist Mario Miranda. Some of the images and styles we have used are inspired from his works. To know more about him, please see this Wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mario_Miranda. We also wanted to give a rustic, rough feel for Mapoosa – something that many children may not have seen or experienced. We have taken maximum care not to bring religion, politics, and urban culture into Mapoosa. But in spite of this, If you do notice something improper, kindly send us a note at mapoosa@callystro.com and we will take steps to correct it immediately.